Case Study


The client who is one of the biggest automotive company in Germany.


Our client want to improve customer experience while driving a cars by keeping it’s customers informed about any issues and answer their questions correctly and without downtime.


We build a voice based AI system which use voice recognition and nature language understanding techniques to communicate with the customers in a car. The system will provide any information needed such as:

  • How long the ride is taking
  • If the car can reach the destination with the current battery / fuel level
  • How the weather of the destination will be by the arriving time


  • Conversation Customer Data
  • Vehicle Information (location, battery level,…)
  • External information (weather, traffic situation,…)


  • Azure Functions
  • Github Actions
  • Python | Flask | Pytest
  • Microsoft LUIS (a cloud-based conversational AI service that applies custom machine-learning intelligence to a user’s conversation)

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