Case Study


Customer required to automate manual processes for handling Bankrupt Clients, document management and payment recommendation platform. 


The client wished to develop applications/microservices to handle some operations which were done manually. As for the handling of bankrupt clients, a backend application was required to be made for lawyers so that details of such clients could be uploaded in legacy systems. For handling of documents, a portal to allow clients to upload data for third-party vendors were required to be enhanced. For the payment recommendation platform, a base architecture was expected to be created, so that payment options could be recommended to small-cap and medium-cap companies.


One of the major challenges in automating systems that has components of legacy applications integrated with them is the impact of the behavior of legacy systems on the performance of the developed microservice. Also, in the banking domain, emphasis on security is most compared to other deliverables. As part of security deliverables, Encryption in transit was expected to be implemented for data storage in Oracle Database.


Datics helped the client realize their goals in a relatively short period of time. For integration with legacy systems, a circuit breaker was implemented from a distributed systems perspective. From the application perspective, automation in case document handling was achieved using scheduled jobs. To address possible issues from integration with legacy applications, the asynchronous computation was implemented.  

From a security perspective, encryption in transit for database transactions was implemented in application(client) and Database server levels.  


All application-related development had successfully been live and the end customers could use the services without any glitch. The encryption implemented was a first for our client and has been since considered in all other backend applications to handle Encryption in transit. 


Java, Spring Boot, Java Persistence API(JPA), Hibernate, Gradle, Google Cloud, Openshift, Swagger.

Article Author: Souvik Mitra, Project Owner: Souvik Mitra. Datics Consulting all rights reserved.

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