Software Trends Overview in 2021

Review the major software trends that bring tremendous impact in 2021

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2020 was a phenomenal year in later history. Humankind has not experienced a worldwide widespread like COVID-19 within the final one hundred a long time. It has influenced all the nationsdivisions, and nearly all the people on our Planet. 

2021 is the year of Digital Age: limitless towards any industries. People, at all ages and with all genders, feel comfortable to use digital for studying, working, creating and everything that you can name. If we zoom in the software and Information Technology industries, we can recognize new and major phenomenon that settle the world of tech guys right now. 

1. Centralized Infrastructure: Cloud, Cloud everywhere

Due to the Corona crisis in 2 years, Cloud seems just only upscale and keep upscaling. Most companies now own themselves data migration on Cloud, company system on Cloud, business digital system on Cloud. Eventually, we can conclude that the software keyword of the year is Cloud. 

The Forrester published a report to predict the profit of Cloud IT infrastructure will grow up to $120 Bio. in 2021. Cloud Infrastructure covers the demands of Cloud Migration at all industries even Government or Healthcare.  

2. ML OPs: Machine Learning, DevOps and Data Engineering

ML OPs is not totally new to software developers because ML Ops appears thanks to the demands of working collaborating between data processing team, analysis, and IT engineer. It increases the speed of model development and its deployment with the help of monitoring, validation and management systems for machine learning models. 

The most ML OPs benefits allow you to:  

– Decrease variety in model iterations and give resiliency for enterprise-level scenarios with reproducible learning and models;  

– Utilize dataset registries and advanced model registries to track resources;  

– Give moved forward traceability by tracking code, data, and measurements within the execution log;  

– Create machine learning pipelines to planconvey and regulate reproducible demonstrate workflows for reliable show delivery. 

3. AI will be all

The state of AI in 2021: Machine Learning in production, ML OPs and data-centric AI.

Most tech company leaders are investing huge moneys by recruiting talents to develop the best AI software and applications. Now and later, we will see the development of human being with adapting more AI applications.

Moreover, “good data” will be vital to develop the best of AI productions.  

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4. Rapid Application Development: Low Code/No-Code will expand

Fast digital transformation is bringing a big gap in providing Software Engineers in the job market. In recent years, new companies and new businesses are offering to the market new NO CODE/ LOW CODE software products.  

Now a software amateur also create a website or UX for mobile development with supporting by NO CODE/ LOW CODE software products. This new emerging market will be potential and profitable in the future that meets the demand of the rapid digital development. 

5. Software Architecture: Microservices, Monoliths, Serverless will co-exist

In 2021, all the Software Architecture (Monolith, Microservice, Serverless) will coexist as all of them had their own use cases, pros, and cons.   

The trends described above are just a couple of long lists of trends in the developer market. Tends like Cloud, Edge, Container, Quantum, Blockchain, AI, Deep Learning, Batch, Streaming, Database, Programming, Software Architecture, Web, App, Low Code, No Code.  



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