Working tips for full-time remote software engineers

working tips for software engineer

How long have you worked at home or felt that home as your true office? 

In Germany, people feel more comfortable with hybrid working lifestyle now. Everyone can work half of working hours at your office and half at your home. As one of the very rare 100% remote companies in Germany, we operate and run our business completely online. Our software engineers, who work for their clients, also stay at home 100% and deliver the jobs successfully.  

Here are some tips for your working remotely as a software engineer. 

Basic must-known remote working tips 

  • Workstation: Design a pleasant, ergonomic workspace where you can stay focused and accomplish your best job. 
  • Productivity: Determine when you are most productive and plan your day around it. At example, if you discover that your most productive hours are 1–4pm, schedule your most important/difficult work for that time of day. 
  • Select the appropriate communication tools: Understand when to utilize which tool. You can waste a lot of time asking a basic query on Slack/Zoom/M.S. Teams or attempting to discuss a difficult topic on Slack. 
  • Remember to spend time with other people: Human interaction is crucial even if you are an introvert. When you work from home, it is easy to get isolated. It’s a good idea to build in plenty of social time to your calendar. 
  • Daily routines: When you work on a flexible schedule, it’s easy to let a healthy daily habit slide. Even if you enjoy varying your working hours, it is still advisable to maintain consistency. Remember to get enough sleep and to take a shower on a regular basis. 
  • Work-life integration: While many people believe that remote employees are easily distracted, lazy, or slack off, this is typically not the case! Take caution not to get seduced into working too many hours. Work that is well-balanced is more likely to be productive. 

How can you best interact with your teammates in working remotely? 

Don’t be afraid of it! We show you how to deal with.

  • Good communication skills

It is absolutely important to improve your written communication because you will chat and text a lot more than you did before. Wherever you intend to write something in a chat room or in email, you have to ensure that you deliver clear and right information to avoid mislead communications later. Try to minimize your communication that bring confusing to the team.  

  • Always re-clarifying what you want 

The online conversations easily make you distracted to key information. Make sure the team always get what you want by re-clarifying again and again.  

  • Try with a more efficient communication! You will save a lot of time. 

If you write a message with a very complicated content and explanation, you should take a video call to your team to explain about it. Of course, everyone is always busy and even cannot be available to attend your meeting right away. You can manage the meetings that occur frequently: 3 times per week; 2 times per week or every week. It depends on the emergency level of the tasks. We can give you some examples from our company: 

  • Project updates with clients happens every week. The meeting will be led by a project leader. 
  • Company updates happens weekly that everyone can meet up virtually and chit-chat with each other. You should know, our software engineers work for different projects so they just only have time once per week to meet each other. 
  • CEO/ HR 1-on-1 meeting occurs bi-weekly that you can share all the ideas or your expectations in 15mins. 
  • Improve your presentation skills because you will have shorter time for online meetings. 

It is not easy to make everyone focus on your 1-hour presentation. Try to make it short, simple and easy to summarise the whole of your information. Instead of presenting with lots of words on your side, just write key words and do not forget to place the last slide for your summary. 

  • Memes can make your teammates’ emotion better! 

If you do not know memes, you may not a software engineer. Of course, memes play a hidden role to make conversations in chat room or message become more relaxed and comfortable. If you never try, just try once! You will see the effectiveness with your nerd-mates. 

Hope you can find some good tips from our article! 🤓

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