Top AI and Machine Learning Trends and Predictions in 2022

In 2020 and 2021, we have impacted with new innovation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies have the ability to transform traditional business models to an innovative, cost-effective, and agile ones. AI and machine learning (ML) work together to enable machines to replicate human thinking and jobs in the intelligent digital world of business. 

  • As shown in a 2020 McKinsey Report, 66% of companies increased their income as a result of their AI systems.
  • According to a report of appen, 74% of companies allocated $50,000 or more for AI projects, which is a significant 55% increase in AI budget from 2020.

The AI sector continues to expand at a fast pace, putting companies who haven’t yet invested in their own AI programs at risk of collapsing behind. Companies are still struggling with data acquisition and administration, but they’re collaborating with external data providers to solve these issues and spending more money in AI initiatives. The benefits of these efforts are clear: enterprises who invest sufficient resources report more effective deployments. 

In 2022, different enterprises across different industries increased IT budgets for AI, as reflected by statistics provided by Appen, Gartner, McKinsey, or World economic Forum. The wave of AI is also impacting on creating a market of highly skilled IT workforce since 2021. 

These are AI Trends expected to Emerge in 2022 

Augmented Business Processes and Systems: To achieve operational excellence, cost savings, and resilience, 2022 will improve all forms of automated systems driven by AI, such as augmented Data Management and augmented analytics.  

Rise of Responsible AI: The emergence of AI also carries with it fundamental trust and accountability issues. To properly address these issues, businesses must first comprehend the problems and dangers associated with AI before designing and deploying it. It will need to involve these five key dimensions: Governance; Ethics & Regulation; Interpretability and explainability; Robustness and security; Bias and Fairness – according to PwC ‘Practical Guide of Responsible AI‘. 

Use of AI for Environmental Threats: In general, the enterprises and governments will develop powerful AI solutions to tackle environmental issues: earthquake; storm or floods; volcano eruption; other natural disasters. 

Use of AI in Cybersecurity: AI algorithms have previously been employed in a variety of applications, including preventing cyber assaults, monitoring business networks, detecting dangerous software, and more. Smart hackers are now causing problems for business users by manipulating data used in model training, gaining access to sensitive data via reverse engineering AI systems, and detecting security flaws in corporate networks. Businesses increasingly seek AI solutions that rigorously scan all data used for model training and incorporate unique security aspects into AI models to combat these cyber risks. 

These are Machine Learning Trends expected to Emerge in 2022.

Codeless ML: Because codeless ML is not subjected to time-consuming procedures such as modeling, algorithm creation, data collection, retraining, and debugging, it is cost-effective, simple, and quick to adopt and apply. This method of solution creation does not necessitate the use of a Data Science professional. The most recent advances in machine learning technology, such as biometric facial recognition, have changed the way ML solutions are presently built. 

Tiny ML: Because ML algorithms run on huge servers can take a long time owing to data moving back and forth, using ML algorithms on edge devices is a preferable option. Minimal power consumption, low bandwidth, excellent privacy, and low latency are just a few of the advantages of our TinyML method. 

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