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Healthcare and Machine Learning

This series aims to elaborate on the relationship of healthcare and medical field and new technologies. Throughout this journey, the reader will be accompanied by our guidance and view of the stories 

From ancient time 

To the layman of every country, medical industry is the pillar of the society. It is the protector and caretaker of the people, where one selflessly joins the effort of taking care of others, sharing the sentiment of human nurturing and mending. The Hippocratic oath, familiar to all herds, conceived by Greek physician Hippocrates(460-370 BC) and held sacred by doctors to this day, hints at the sacrifice, longevity, and the good-nature characteristic of the obelisk of human civilization since ancient time. 

Healthcare and AI

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is an overarching term used to describe the use of machine-learning algorithms and software, or artificial intelligence (AI), to mimic human cognition in the analysis, presentation, and comprehension of complex medical and health care data. Specifically, AI is the ability of computer algorithms to approximate conclusions based solely on input data. 


The trend of large health companies merging allows for greater health data accessibility. Greater health data lays the groundwork for the implementation of AI algorithms. 

A large part of industry focus of implementation of AI in the healthcare sector is in the clinical decision support systems. As more data is collected, machine learning algorithms adapt and allow for more robust responses and solutions. 


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