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Datics Consulting is a growing technology service startup in Cloud, DevOps, IT-Outsourcing, Data Engineering, and AI. 

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At Datics, we pride ourselves on providing the very best personalized solutions for our customers to achieve their goals. Our talented professionals can assist your organization’s vision by developing strategy and planning for Infrastructure as Code, CI / CD Pipelines, Data science, Data Platform, Big data, Cloud migration.

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DevOps and Cloud Migration

Cloud consulting will help companies make technology-related decisions on migrating data storage to cloud or opting for cloud-native development or optimization to prevent unnecessary expenditures.

  • Cloud migration
  • In-cloud app development
  • Cloud optimization

Our CI/CD services include designing and implementing tactics about continuous integration and continuous deployment on IT infrastructures.

  • Setting up the CI / CD pipeline
  • Orchestration and configuration management
  • Monitoring and Alert Management
  • Log Management

DevOps is a methodology designed to align development and operation teams to deliver high-quality software faster.

  • End-to-end DevOps implementation consulting
  • DevOps launch consulting

 We consult and help make your internal network and internet access secured and reliable.

Data Services

Big data services provide big data analysis and develop strategies to help companies maximize value and achieve business goals.

  • Provide best-fit architectural solutions to manage our global data ecosystem
  • Design, develop and support data pipelines and data services
  • Improve the consistency, timeliness, quality, security, and delivery of data

Data science services include consulting, supporting, and developing experiments and analytics on companies’ data in search of business and customer insights.

  • Review the current AI model and optimize it.
  • Design pipeline architecture for different prediction gaps of the AI model.
  • Implement Dashboard for model and data drift monitoring.
  • Implement automated model retraining.
  • Improve code quality: Write test cases and refactor existing code.

Data management services help your companies store, organize and use data securely and efficiently.

  • Setting up and implement the system architecture for storing structured and unstructured data
  • Extension of features of the current platform

Machine learning services include advising on and implementing ML-based software as well as supporting the existing ML initiatives.

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Customer analytics

We will tailor our process and solution to your needs!

MLOps Services

Why do you need MLOps services?
  • Aim to unify the release cycle for machine learning and software application releases.
  • Enable the automated testing of machine learning artifacts (e.g. data validation, ML model testing, and ML model integration testing)
  • Enable the application of agile principles to machine learning projects.
  • Enable supporting machine learning models and datasets to build these models as first-class citizens within CI/CD systems.
  • Reduce technical debt across machine learning models.

How MLOps services work

  • Provide Kubernetes Cluster for developing and running ML models,
  • Provide Infrastructure for:
      • CI/CD: Infrastructure (IaC), models, software services;
      • Centralised elastic storage of data and ML models;
      • Application hosting.
  • Monitor and alert of the resources health and of the ML models,
  • Project planning.
  • Build and train ML models,
  • Build data pipelines,
  • Develop data ingestion pipelines.

Technology & Platform We Apply

Our platforms to adapt with Big Data solutions:

Other data platforms: OnPrem vs Cloud Analysis; Cost Analysis; Data Governance; Data Security

Our platforms to adapt with DevOps solutions:

Our platforms to adapt with Data Science solutions:

Other methodologies: Text mining; Image recognition; Video recognition; Voice recognittion

Our platforms to adapt with Infrastructure solutions:

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Our consultants will advise on appropriate solutions based on hands-on analysis of your current needs.

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Our Success Story


Azure Cloud Monitoring

We deployed new machine learning models on the Azure cloud in production for our customers so that the system can be actively in use by consumers.


Full Body Anonymization

We localized and obfuscated (i.e. hide) sensitive information in images/videos in order to preserve the individuals’ anonymity for our customers. 


Automation in Banking system

We designed and implemented automated manual processes for handling Bankrupt Clients, document management, and payment recommendation platform. 

Our Certifications

Always focusing on quality and efficient result, we have the most qualified consultants certified with:

Amazon Web Services

Linux Foundation

Oracle Cloud

Scrum Alliance

Microsoft Certified

Oracle Cloud

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