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Data is the backbone of modern businesses. A robust data infrastructure is crucial for extracting actionable insights. Investing in a well-designed data system drives business growth and competitiveness.

Our consulting topics

Our Big Data Services team can help companies analyze big data and develop strategies to maximize value and achieve business goals. We also can help you to develop data governance and management strategies and provide guidance on how to use data best to support business objectives.

  • Best-fit architectural solutions to manage
    global data ecosystems
  • Design, development and support of
    data pipelines and data services
  • Improved consistency, timeliness, quality,
    security and delivery of data

Our Data Science Services team can help companies leverage the power of data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. Our team provides consulting, support and development of experiments and analytics on companies’ data.

  • Consulting and support for data experiments and analytics
  • Optimization of current AI models
  • Design and implementation of pipeline architecture for different prediction gaps of the AI model
  • Development of dashboards for monitoring model and data drift
  • Automation of model retraining
  • Code quality improvement: Writing test cases and refactoring existing code

Our Data Management Services team can help companies store, organize, and use data securely and efficiently that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. We also can extend the features of your current platform to improve data management and ensure that your data is stored, organized, and used securely and efficiently

  • Setting up and implementing system architecture for storing structured and unstructured data
  • Extension of features of the current platform

Our team of experts can help you to implement predictive maintenance solutions, which can help you to predict when equipment is likely to fail, allowing you to take proactive measures to prevent downtime.

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Customer analytics

We will help you to take your IT infrastructure to the next level. Evolve your business with Datics

Technologies & Platforms We Use

Our team of experts are experienced in working with a wide range of technologies and platforms. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and platforms, which allows us to provide our clients with the most current and effective solutions.

Big Data:

Data Science:

Why you should work with Datics

Our goals at Datics go beyond just providing a perfect solution for our clients; we also strive to deliver experienced and knowledgeable experts to support our clients’ needs.

Solution Customization

We provide client-focused solutions and experienced experts to deliver customized IT infrastructure services.

Technology Coverage

We provide comprehensive Infrastructure and Data Consulting Services of IT infrastructure and data management.

Experienced Consultancy

Our consultants possess a wide range of certifications and have extensive project experience, to provide expert advice and guidance.

Rapid and Trusted Delivery of Services

Our primary guiding principle is to provide our clients with the highest level of support possible.

Our Certifications

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    Case Studies

    Case Studies that may interests you

    Big Data

    Industry: Medical Technology

    Technologies: Azure Kubernetes service, Terraform, Azure DevOps pipeline

    The client must store vast amounts of data in various formats from multiple sources in a unified data platform, accessible to machine learning engineers and data scientists within the organization for the development of machine learning applications and data analysis.

    Automation in Banking systems

    Industry: Automotive

    Technologies:Java, Spring Boot, Java Persistence API(JPA), Hibernate

    The client needs automation for manual procedures in handling bankrupt clients, as well as for document management and payment recommendation platforms.

    Design and establish Voice AI system

    Industry: Automotive

    Technologies: Azure Functions, Github Actions, Python | Flask | Pytest, Microsoft LUIS

    We developed a voice-based AI system utilizing voice recognition and natural language processing to communicate with customers in a car.

    Full Body Anonymization

    Industry: Medical Technology

    Technologies: Gluoncv, opencv, decord and Python

    A client in the medical technology industry has a requirement to protect the anonymity of individuals whose images or videos are being used.

    Azure Cloud Monitoring

    Industry: Medical Technology

    Technologies: Grafana, Prometheus, Azure Monitor, TorchServe, Docker

    The medical technology client aims to deploy their machine learning models on Azure cloud for active use by consumers.

    Tech Talk 1:
    DataOps – When DevOps meets data processing

    Data is crucial in today's world, as all industries and businesses rely on it. Data must undergo processing before humans or machines can understand and analyze it, as raw data is either unreadable or unstructured.

    Industries we support

    • IT IT
    • Automotive Automotive
    • Banking Banking
    • Energy Energy
    • Logistics Logistics
    • Public Sector Public Sector


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    Good working atmosphere with an open feedback culture

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    complete remote work with modern technical equipment

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