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Datics Consulting

Our story
  • We founded Datics Consulting at the beginning of 2021 in the middle of the Corona lockdown.
  • We believe that the world is constantly changing, and so are the problems we face. Technologies are the best way to tackle them in a sustainable way.
  • Datics Consulting is based on the principle of a fast-changing environment and the ambition of proven tech solutions. We encourage ourselves and our clients to understand the current problems, challenge the status quo, and look for more convenient, more effective, and simpler ways to do ordinary things.
  • We do not just aim to meet IT demands, but also solve the business demands of our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision at Datics Consulting is to shape the world and society by applying the newest technologies and innovation. We are confident to deliver sustainably and at the same time efficient solutions.

How do we do it?

Our people are the smartest, motivated for lifelong learning, have strong technical background and mindset of commitment. Most of them have proved themselves with several years of industry experience. We are constantly improving ourselves by scouting and learning new technologies.

What do we do?

Our core strengths focus on Data Engineering, Cloud, IT-Outsourcing, and Data Science. We support small / medium / big corporations in these fields and are confident to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Our Value

We are a startup company that works in a completely remote environment. Our people live in different parts of Germany. We are from different countries and speak different languages.

  • Focus on the client‘s problem.
  • Fast is better than slow.
  • Smart-lazy is better then hardworking-dumb.
  • You don’t need to be at your desk.
  • Great isn’t good enough but remember that „Fast is better than slow“.
Our Certification
linux-kubernetes-administratorkubernetes-application-developerAWS-SolArchitect-Associate-2020AWS-Developer-Associate-2020Oracle-Cloud-ArchitectOracle-Cloud-DeveloperOracle-Cloud-Operationslinux-system-administration-certificateNew ProjectDevops-engineer-expert-certification-datics


Our Leaders

Minh Tuan Nguyen

Founder & Executive Director

Key expertise: Data Engineering

Email: tuan.nguyen@datics-consulting.com

I am a curious data enthusiast who loves to generate knowledge out of the huge amount of data. I then realize the hard truth that in order to do it I have to dig deep, shovel, and transform data for 80% of my time. I recognize I like that too and slowly also became a big data engineer too.

Xuan Tung Vu

Vice President of Operation

Key expertise: Infrastructure Engineering

I am a passionate DevOps Engineer who loves building and automating Cloud Infrastructure. Within nearly 3 years working in the industry, I have learnt and focused a lot on implementing the entire Infrastructure as Code (IAC). That includes automation tools for Provisioning infrastructure, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) which will provide the organisation with better solutions to solve various business problems.

Tien Hung Pham

Vice President of Technology

Key expertise: Infrastructure Engineering

Computing technology is my world. I have a love for designing the architecture of computer systems and implementing the infrastructure to see how all technologies connect and work together. In addition, hardening them against security and stability threats is an absolute joy for me to deal with.

My biggest regard is loving the uncertainty and enjoying every challenge that I found in the journey of building solutions based on data.

Datics Consulting helps us with the software development part of our AI system. We appreciate their attention to details to fulfill our requirements and their broad of knowledge. Thanks alot and happy to work with you again.
Sotaro Shibayama
Sotaro ShibayamaProfessor at University of Tokyo

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